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...a leading grower
...a chosen partner
...committed to family farming

    Farming Services

    Share Leases

    Crop share leases using various percentages of crop shared and expenses shared

    Cash Rent

    Fixed dollar cash rent and flexible rent leases

    Custom Work

    Your fields. Your decisions. Our expertise and equipment doing the work


    the GOOD work

    The best days are spent outdoors under the warm sun



    We are… a leading grower …a chosen partner …committed to the values of family farming.

    We are people working in the field we've chosen; the field we love. Our best days end in exhaustion--every last drop spilled out.

    We are proud of the good work we do growing food, caring for the land and providing solutions and economic returns to the clients we've chosen to work with. Care to join us?

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    9494 N 1350 East Road

    Georgetown, IL 61846

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    Doug 217-504-3617

    Greg 217-497-6316

    Seth 217-304-4380

    Jed 217-304-4379

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